National Karate Academies teaches what is commonly known as 'freestyle karate'. Unlike sport/competition or traditional styles, it is based upon commonsense and practical techniques for protection on the streets. It caters for the individual in its unique style and straight-forward application.

In order to teach its students more effectively, National Karate Academies runs separate junior and senior classes. It is widely acknowledged that children's emotional and physical needs and development differ to those of an adult, so it makes good sense to create appropriate educational environments which will assist the learning process, not hinder it.

Although we do not teach women separately to men, our organisation prides itself on providing a family friendly teaching environment, where both men and women can work together in a mutually respective way. This allows women in particular, to establish and build upon, self confidence in their defence skills.

Our self defence techniques focus on the needs of a modern society, and cater for all students, regardless of physical size, age, health, strength or gender.