Family Membership


In order to create a family membership, please complete the following steps:

  1. Sign up and complete your payment, using our Family membership form
  2. Once your sign up has been completed, you will receive a welcome email, detailing the next steps including links for you to login and provide the details of your family members
  3. Complete the details (links are also shown below) for each family member you wish to include in your membership. As the primary member, you will still own the login, and be the main contact for your family membership. You will be issued membership cards for each of your family members, all under your own account. You can access these cards on the members area (when logged in) and also on the Mobile App.
  4. You must add your family members in order, or your form will not submit (ie - you must follow the order below, you cannot add the first, and then the 4th family member, it must be in consecutive order).

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