All blackbelts are held in high esteem by the National Karate Academies organisation because of the dedication shown towards their training, the example they set for others, and in the sharing of their knowledge with fellow students and instructors.

Contrary to popular belief, achieving blackbelt status in a martial arts style is not the end, but the beginning of the martial arts journey. By completing the coloured belt syllabus, the practitioner has merely finished their 'apprenticeship' and is now truly ready to take on the knowledge, skills and experience befitting of a blackbelt.

There are many levels of blackbelt and unlike coloured belt rankings which may have a time period of months in between, progression to the next blackbelt ranking will take years of dedicated training. However, for those who persist with the challenge, the rewards are more than worth the effort.

And never forget that old saying because it does hold true:

"What you put into your karate training is what you get out of it!"